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X-Ray in Campo Grande / MS

X-ray examination

O que é?
Proncor Hospital X-ray

X-ray examination is a medical diagnostic procedure. It is done using ionizing radiation, which uses X-rays to generate a medical image (radiography) of different parts of the human body. If after your consultation the doctor requests an x-ray examination, you can do it at Proncor Hospital, for an affordable price, agility and efficiency in delivery.

If necessary, you can count on several other tests at our Diagnostic Examination Center , which has a reduced fasting time, new devices, online results, emergency delivery and 24h exams. In addition to having hospital support and specialized technical staff. Everything quickly and easily.

About the X-Ray Scan

The X-ray is performed by a radiology technician and then analyzed by an orthopedist . There are different positions to perform the examination, depending on the region of the body that needs to be analyzed.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Chest X-ray

The chest X-ray can be indicated when the patient has a cough, difficulty breathing and chest pain, in addition to trauma episodes, in the preoperative analysis and when heart disease is suspected.

X-ray of the abdomen

The x-ray of the abdomen is one of the most complete, as it covers a series of organs in the region, such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, bladder and stomach.

Spine X-ray

About the spine x-ray, the main curiosity is that it is not just an x-ray, but four different types of x-ray.

X-ray of the shoulder

This is one of the most specific types of x-ray, as it focuses on a small region of the body.

X-ray of the knee

Just like the shoulder, in the case of knee x-rays, indications related to trauma predominate, in addition to reports of local pain.

X-ray of the face

With the x-ray of the face, the medical team is able to investigate and discover possible injuries at the site, such as dislocations and fractures.

Skull X-ray

In addition to trauma, which includes a fracture, the bones can also be impacted by possible metabolic or endocrine disorders. Also noteworthy are congenital anomalies (originating at birth), calcification, tumors and pituitary tumors (these are considered benign).

X-ray of the Basin

The pelvic x-ray is mainly applied to complaints of pain and trauma that generate fractures. Among them, tumors, osteoporosis, arthrosis, ankylosing spondylitis (a type of inflammatory arthritis in the region), Paget's disease (characterized by fragile bones) and sacroiliitis (inflammation of the sacrum and iliac bone).

We are a family owned and operated business.

Renal X-ray

The famous kidney stone is one of the targets of this type of x-ray, but it can also reveal nephrocalcinosis, a condition marked by the accumulation of calcium in the region.

What are the health insurance plans and plans attended to?

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