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A little paw

more careful.

Did you know that Proncor Hospital is the first hospital in the state to allow inpatients to receive a visit from their pet?

This humanization action was created with the aim of reducing the impact of prolonged hospitalization, helping to improve the mood, bringing joy to the patient and bringing him or her closer to home and family.

Visita Pet - Cachorro Hospital em Campo Grande
Visita Pet - Patinhas Cachorro
What are the requirements?

It is necessary to have authorization from the doctor . In addition to presenting a veterinary report , an updated vaccination card , having no skin lesions and proof of bathing and brushing in the last 6 hours and having a transport box for admission and transportation to the hospital.

What animals can they visit?

Initially pet dogs and cats.

How is the visit?

The place of the visit is restricted to the apartment and is accompanied by the hospital's nursing staff. Visiting time is 30 minutes a day.

Visita Pet - Patinhas Gato
Visita Pet - Gato
Can I be visited by more than one pet at a time?

No, for security, only one pet at a time, per apartment, is allowed to visit.

Can I receive the visit at the infirmary as well?

No. Because the infirmary is a common environment and this can bring discomfort to other patients.

Visita Pet - Cachorro
My pet urinated or defecated, now what?

It is necessary to call the nursing staff , as in a hospital environment, waste such as urine or feces must be treated as biological waste .

We are a family owned and operated business.

To activate it, use the bell at the head of the bed or the extensions 100 wing A, 200 wing B, 300 wing C 1st floor and 400 wing C 2nd floor .

Visita Pet
Territory marking

Marking territory by pets is an action well known by owners, so we recommend everyone to take the pet for a walk minutes before visiting the hospital.


The animal must not behave in an antisocial / aggressive manner or that may cause physical damage to the patient and the healthcare team.

Visita Pet - Cuidados

Pets must be prevented from contacting medical materials and equipment.

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