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Specialties | Angiology and Vascular Surgery

Angiology and Vascular Surgery

Proncor Hospital

Consultations with Angiologist and Vascular Surgeon

Vascular surgery

Emergency Medical Assistance

O que é?
Proniology Angiology and Vascular Surgery Hospital

Proncor Hospital's Angiology and Vascular Surgery is structured to offer the full range of services in this specialty, from the Emergency Department in Campo Grande / MS, to the performance of highly complex surgeries and consultations with specialists.

If necessary, you can also count on our Diagnostic Examination Center , which has several exams, reduced fasting time, new devices, online results, emergency delivery and 24h exams. In addition to having hospital support and specialized technical staff. Everything quickly and easily.

About the Angiologist and Vascular Surgeon

The Vascular Surgeon is the doctor responsible for the diseases that affect the arterial, venous and lymphatic systems. Although it is best known for the treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, microvarices and teleangiectasias, this is only part of this broad specialty and is due to the fact that varicose veins are very prevalent in our population and have an important aesthetic aspect.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Angiologist, on the other hand, is the physician responsible for vascular clinical diseases that do not require surgery. However, it is very difficult to separate one specialty from another. Initially, because the patient looking for a doctor will not be able to say whether the procedure will be surgical or not, this will be up to the doctor to decide. Therefore, the two subspecialties are closely related, and the vascular surgeon is able to treat non-surgical vascular diseases clinically.

Symptoms assessed by Angiologist and Vascular Surgeon

- Varicose veins; - Pain in the legs; - Swelling in the legs.

What are the health insurance plans and plans attended to?

Proncor Hospital is a hospital in Campo Grande / MS that serves a wide list of health plans and health plans. Click here to check it out.

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