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Specialties | Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Proncor Hospital

Consultations with Cardiologist and Cardiac Surgeon

Cardiac surgery

Medical Backup in the Emergency Room

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Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Hospital Proncor

Proncor Hospital's Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery is structured to offer the full range of services in this specialty, from the Emergency Department in Campo Grande / MS, to the performance of highly complex surgeries and consultations with specialists.

Specializing in clinical follow-up, emergencies, consultations, diagnostic tests and surgery, the Cardiology service at Proncor Hospital has cardiologists from the most diverse subspecialties for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease, heart failure, cardiomyopathies, hypertension and arrhythmias.

Chest Pain Protocol

The Proncor Hospital's Chest Pain Protocol is an essential tool to support decision making in our Emergency Department in Campo Grande / MS. Reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, reducing costs and improving patients' well-being.

The protocol serves to assist patients with complaints of acute chest pain or its equivalents, that is, symptoms compatible with the possibility of being due to an acute coronary syndrome (ACS) or other serious cardiovascular diseases.

It is of fundamental importance, especially when neither the initial clinical picture nor the admission electrocardiogram (ECG) is sufficient to define the diagnosis and the risk of unfavorable cardiovascular events in the short and medium term. We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Click and see also our Stroke Protocol (AVC).

We are a family owned and operated business.

About Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

The Cardiologist is the doctor who makes the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the heart and also of the circulatory system. In addition to treating diseases such as hypertension, stroke and arrhythmia, the cardiologist should be sought for preventive guidance.

Symptoms assessed by Cardiologist and Cardiac Surgeon

- Chest pain; - Dizziness; - Fatigue; - Tiredness; - Arrhythmias; - Excessive sweat; - Swelling.

What are the health insurance plans and plans attended to?

Proncor Hospital is a hospital in Campo Grande / MS that serves a wide list of health plans and health plans. Click here to check it out.

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