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Consultations with Nephrologist


Medical backup in the Emergency Room

O que é?
Neurology Hospital Proncor

The Neurology of Hospital Proncor is structured to offer the full range of care in this specialty from the Emergency Room in Campo Grande / MS, the implementation of high complexity and consultations with specialist surgeries.

If necessary, you can also count on our Diagnostic Examination Center , which has several exams, reduced fasting time, new devices, online results, emergency delivery and 24h exams. In addition to having hospital support and specialized technical staff. Everything quickly and easily.

Stroke Protocol

Stroke is a major cause of death and neurological sequelae in Campo Grande / MS and worldwide and one of the critical factors in patients with signs and / or symptoms of stroke is the length of care. The faster, the greater the chances that the patient will evolve without sequelae, have a shorter hospital stay and depend less on diagnostic and therapeutic resources.

We are a family owned and operated business.

For this reason, the Stroke Protocol , implemented in the Emergency Room of the Proncor Hospital, is to offer an agile service that, through the work of the multidisciplinary team, seeks the best clinical evolution of the patient, with shorter hospital stay, and provides a better quality of life.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Click and see also our Chest Pain Protocol.

About the Neurologist

Neurology is the medical specialty that deals with structural disorders of the nervous system. Performs the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases that involve the nervous system, which is didactically divided into central, peripheral and autonomous, including their linings, blood vessels and all effector tissues, such as muscles.

Symptoms evaluated by the neurologist

- Headaches; - Memory problems; - Stroke (stroke); - tremors; - Epilepsy (seizures).

What are the health insurance plans and plans attended to?

Proncor Hospital is a hospital in Campo Grande / MS that serves a wide list of health plans and health plans. Click here to check it out.

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